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We developed a series of service offerings based on the Baldrige Criteria's alignment with LeaBaldrige Interactionn Six Sigma, and the skills and knowledge of our team. Businesses that are looking for an edge in the competitive world are looking for these services to create an advantage. Here is a model of the Baldrige alignment with Lean Six Sigma:

In our view, 2-Strategic Planning, 6-Process Management, and 4-Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management are the key areas SOS Triangle Modelof focus to drive business performance improvement. These are the focus areas of our services, and we work directly with business leadership to tailor programs to meet their needs. We developed the SOS Triangle model to illustrate our approach, which we believe actually creates an opportunity for fusion to achieve even greater results than anticipated. Stanley Marash writes about this fusion in his book titled Fusion Management that is available in our recommended reading.

For organizations just beginning their performance improvement journey, we recommend performance measurement services based on Category 4 criteria. In short, what gets measured gets done, and we can assist in developing those measurement efforts.

Measurement makes it possible to be more strategic in planning what you do to meet your business mission and goals. We offer strategic planning services based on Category 2 criteria to assist you in developing those planning efforts.

Lean Six Sigma offers the tools and techniques to improve operations and meet expected quality standards or reduce waste to improve operating results. We offer performance improvement services based on Category 6 criteria to assist you as you manage your processes to meet your business needs.

The Baldrige program provides an excellent way to get started, and we offer it to you with this link. Whether large or small, in business, education, health care, or nonprofit, in one location or with sites worldwide, your organization can benefit from conducting a self-assessment using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and taking action for improvement. We suggest that you take the self-assessment and call us to discuss the best course for you to take to achieve the performance level you desire.

We also outlined services tailored to specific business sectors including Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Services. Follow the links to review how our services specifically designed to meet your needs. Contact us for additional information.

We recently completed a redesign of our website and hope you like the new functionality.


To become the reliable and creative provider of the solutions enterprises need to increase their impact and achieve their goals. We help enterprises provide their customers with the quality and costs expected by working smarter, not harder.

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