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Recommended Readings

The best way to become familiar with the strengths and capabilities of a consulting firm is to work with us, and learn what our skills and capabilities can do for you. Short of that, a good way to become familiar with the work that a consulting practice provides is to know what they are thinking and what they are reading that influences their thinking.

We do a lot of reading to keep up with the trends and changes that are occurring in performance improvement. Here is a listing that includes books we read recently that we recommend to you, as well. For your convenience, we provide the links for you to obtain your own copies of these resources from Amazon. If you find something that interests you and feel that the concepts introduced in these materials would meet your needs, contact us to tailor a program to meet your needs.

Here are the recommended selections categorized for your convenience:

Healthcare Improvement Management
Leadership and Strategic Planning Scorecards and Measurement
Lean and Six Sigma process improvement


Healthcare Improvement

Performance Improvement for Healthcare by Inozu

Quality and Performance in Healthcare by Shaw

Lean Hospitals by Graban

Healthcare Kaizen by Graban

Great Healthcare by Harrington and Newman

Lean and Six Sigma Process ImprovementReturn to Top

The Six Sigma Way by Pande, Neuman, and Cavanaugh

Six Sigma by Harry

Lean Solutions by Womack and Jones

Lean Six Sigma for Service by George

What is Six Sigma? by George

The Toyota Way by Liker

Gemba Kaizen by Imai

Leadership and Strategic Planning Return to Top

Blue Ocean Strategy by Mauborgne

Strategy-Focused Organization by Kaplan and Norton

Blink by Gladwell

Outliers by Gladwell

Purple Cow by Godin

Good to Great by Collins

Built to Last by Collins and Porras

Management Return to Top

Fourth Generation Management by Joiner

Getting Things Done When You are Not in Charge by Bellman

Execution by Bossidy and Charan

Six Disciplines for Excellence by Harpst

Scorecards and Measurement Return to Top

Balanced Scorecards and Operational Dashboards by Person

A Complete and Balanced Service Scorecard by Tyagi and Gupta


We will update this listing regularly, so check back soon for more recommended reading.

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