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Madison, Wisconsin


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StatOrg Services LLC, provides statistical and organizational services to business enterprises. We deliver value to our customers using Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques along with thorough knowledge of proven performance excellence frameworks and regulatory requirements. If you want to be exceptional and work smarter instead of harder to deliver more value to your customers, we can help you achieve that. We provide elegant solutions and smart tools for you to excel in today's complexity. Please review our site and learn more about what we offer.

The SAM GroupWe are affiliated with Oriel STAT A MATRIX and offer all the services available from the world's leading performance improvement consulting and training firm. Oriel STAT A MATRIX develops custom solutions for our client’s needs, and we use a variety of methodologies to assist organization's quality and improvement efforts. These include Lean and Six Sigma, Process Management, and ISO Quallity Management approaches. Our FDA Regulated Practice assists Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration to comply with the quality and regulatory requirements that are imposed upon them. Contact us to learn more about the SAM Group's capabilities.

We are also affiliated with CEO Consulting Services and offer all the services available from this group that has offered management consulting services to hCEO Consulting Servicesundreds oforganizations across the country for roughly 30 years. Principal consultant and Founder is Patrick J. Below, a noted author and leading expert in strategic planning that developed the Integrated Planning Process. The other Founder, Bernard J. Verrill, was a psychologist known for his expertise in team building and the People Development Process. There are now several affiliates in the organization, and we each bring our individual skills to assist with client efforts to close gaps between their desired performance and what they achieve with our support. We focus our efforts on helping organizations in South Central Wisconsin to plan strategically and get the results they plan.

We have over 40 years of professional experience and a network of associates with skills and tools to assist you. Call us when you need help. If we cannot help, we may know who can.

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To become the reliable and creative provider of the solutions enterprises need to increase their impact and achieve their goals. We help enterprises provide their customers with the quality and costs expected by working smarter, not harder.

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